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Welcome to Winter 2018!

WELCOME to 2018!
Please join us at the Lego Family Literacy and Math Celebration Night
April 6, 2018 from 5:30-7:00 PM
All are welcome!  The event is FREE!

More information to come!

I was on my way home and noticed a pile of backpacks on the floor.  This piece of paper was sticking out.  I had been talking to a group of students about the importance of grit in reading and learning earlier in the day.  Not giving up can be a challenge.  Grit is the stuff that gets us through.  I took this "sign" as my confirmation.  March can be a long, cold, and challenging month.  I look at this picture often on my phone.  Yes, here comes grit!

Getting Ready for Valentine's Day?

What do you LOVE?  Do you have a book that celebrates it?  I LOVE Cockapoos!  I have two books about them.  One book is fiction and one book is non fiction.  I think I love the non fiction one the best.  It tells me about the history of the breed.  How to take care of a Cockapoo.  It has a bunch of diagrams.  I LOVE to look at these diagrams.  I am not sure why they are so much for fun.  I think it makes my brain feel extra happy and curious.  It makes me want to read more about the questions that I formulate while I am reading my favorite book.  This usually leads me to the internet.  I typically find more information and check to see if they recommend more...YOU GUESSED IT...BOOKS!  I wish you all a very HAPPY AND FUN VALENTINE'S DAY! 


Mrs. Russo


It is time to enjoy Maine life both inside and out.  There are days when I never want to go back inside.  Skiing is so much fun!  My puppy loves to play in the snow!  There also days when I want to curl up in a blanket with a cup of warm tea and an awesome book.  There are so many new books for us all to enjoy.  The book room has just received a big shipment of new titles.  If you are looking for a new friend (book), stop by and let me introduce you to one!

1.  What did you accomplish last year that you are proud of?

2.  What are the three most important things that you learned this year?

3.  What is something that was hard for you at the beginning this year that is easy now?

4.  What is one thing that you would like to learn next?

Hello PCS Kids and Families!  I am so excited that I will be able to see you all this week!  You won't miss me.  I will be at a table with Mrs. Comeau.  We will have our new Family Agreements posted too!  Have a super start to your week!  

Mrs. Russo

P.S.  It cracks me up how everything old is new again!  Here is a picture of how Trolls looked when I played with them.  Yes, I was the kid who made CLOTHES for her trolls out of scrap felt and tissues!  : )

Kids with GRIT!  That is what we have in our classroom!  We talked a lot about what is hard this week.  Kids could identify a lot of things that can be a challenge when reading.  They also spoke about how important it is to NEVER give up!  Bring it!!!  Can't wait until next week!  Ask my fourth graders!  

Up & Running!

We are so happy and excited for the new year!  Our room is filled with the sound of kids' voices.  Favorite friends from our favorite books are appearing.  Life is good!  October 12th will be our Parent Informational Night.

Welcome Back!

Welcome PCS Families!  We are currently in the screening phase of our services.  Please feel free to look around the blog posts.  More to come soon!

Happy New Year!

So did you see it?  How did you like it?  I am doing all of the things that we do as readers as a result of seeing the latest Star Wars movie:

Hot Topics in Book Room!

Dear Friends,

A warm, hearty Thanksgiving welcome!  We are very busy in the Book Room (Room 156) at Poland Community School.  We are reading a lot of non fiction texts.  Topics include battling counterfeit money, Dr. Ben Carson's biography, art fraud, and bulldozers.  We will spend next week talking about how these kinds of books work.  What are the features of the book (table of contents, graphs, timelines, side bars, pictures, glossaries, etc.) that we have to pay attention to in order to understand the topic?  This is perfect weather to snuggle up with a warm blanket, a warm drink, and a good book!


Mrs. Russo


Welcome back to a new chapter in our learning journey together!  Student-led conferences are coming right up.  This is an opportunity for us to see one another.  The Title I staff will be there to greet you all and answer any questions that you may have about Title I.  See you all very soon!


Mrs. Russo